desert point

“When it is on, Desert Point is indeed one of the longest, makeable lefthand barrels on the planet with over 20secs tube time possible on one wave. The take-off area can shift around a little but generally rewards a deep attack. High speed is the key as it quickly winds up and starts peeling mercilessly across the shallow reef, cutting a trench in the coral where the mechanical lips have been slamming for centuries. The caverns get larger and faster as the inside section commits the tube rider to a lock-in that usually ends on dry reef. Only surfers good enough to deal with the tricky exit, the shallow reef, evil out-going currents and plenty of wave-starved rippers should apply. Desert’s has a reputation for inconsistency, with only the biggest groundswells igniting it and high tides making it disappear as fast as it came. Surf charters keep flocking from Bali and dedicated hardcore surfers wait for weeks in basic beach shacks, forming a frenzied, barrel-hungry pack on those rare classic days”

If the wave its not easy the travel don’t stay behind. Just to began you can’t rent a regular car. You need a motorcycle or a jeep, even with the last one you may have some troubles. First you need to leave ball in a 6 hours ferry full with trucks and people. Finally the ferry reach lombok and the next step has began. Go right, always by sea side, through few small villages where most of people don’t know a word in english and where electricity is a luxury. This road will take you 2/3 hours where you will see kids in the middle of nowhere just hanging out or playing on the road. Now the Asphalt road ends and you only see palm trees, cows, chickens and a dirt road. Follow that dirt to road until you see a hill. Now its time to put your dakar skills to climb this. If you have been succeeded on the last trail you will reach a small village with 3 or 4 wooden houses with a gate on the dirt road. Pay to the Indonesia girl a you are free to go. Congratulation you have been reach Desert Point. And if there are enough swell and its low time you must be looking to a perfect left hand barrel breaking over a shallow reef. If you check you phone you don’t have wireless or any cover. Because there are absoluting nothing there. Just the wave a small beach and 4/5 warungs with a bunch of wooden rooms each.
Now here you don’t do nothing beside surf, eat or sleep. Here you breath surf. Everyone is here because of the wave. Even when you are eating on the warungs you are watching other guy making a barrel and in the next table is a photographer showing the photos to a bunch of people. In the other side you have a guy cleaning the reef wound to his friend. Everything that happening in desert is surf. No cellphone, no electricity, nothing. Just surf.